D∑CΔ [lp]

by Ruptures

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recorded, mixed and mastered at earth capital & rupturescollective
by alex estrada & raz
spring 2012
music & lyrics by ruptures
artwork by au, mccool & delugo


released June 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Ruptures Los Angeles, California

sounds of bitter

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Track Name: DECA
strike you down with broken bones
tip the throne to overthrow
cut it deep so it just wont grow
map the path that made us old
so this is what its like to be alone
youll know them like theyre from my own
this is what its like to kill a part of me for being a son
set down and overthrow
i've broken every bone
with every word you bleed alone
i can't say this is my only sin
im bleeding and dying and lying feeding
im breathing and dying
and feeling my (only)lonely sin
She's sitting here waiting
So call it 'forever'And cheers to tears
And cheers to the times (causing you pain)
"Oh, your apathy and anger cuts me deep"(I am underground)
sitting here waiting for something to happen for something to change(Give me the strength) to admit my mistakes
To realize that you're just human
"You are a coward and a child and your making me sick"
A change in me is just a promise that I can't keep
 So raise your glass to the wasted hours of each day
And allow the sunlight to peak through your bangs
Summer's never been so cold i have never been so cold
Track Name: MECA
days end all the same
with weary eyes and heavy heads
they pay constantly to
cause a wreck just to see us there
we had it all right from the start
a clear vision and all we could want
we said nothing could tear us apart
yet somehow we ended in war
i know its all a lie
i see the numbers multiply
we only share what we cant divide
cmon bby gotta learn to survive
let down
all of your love and pride at once
all through the suburbs its a war
theyll keep on feeding all their lies
we killed our crosses for this kind of life?
Track Name: LACK
this home knows no more sleep no more peace
a love thats once lost can't be seaked just received
but not for me, not to me
your voice keeps on calling and constantly falling in
reveries, through my dreams
i salt all our wounds cause theres nothing to loose
and i want to live without thinking of you 
fix this hopelessness
less body-ache
make her disappear
i live in fear
you walk through me like im a ghost or a shadow
wont say my name if youll forget by tomorrow
no gaps were left between our breath, though im hollow
my head wont rest on your chest cos it shallow
please help me forget
your promise is fading as tomorrow comes closer
we are loveless
we are hopeless
we'll never be ready for the storm that approches
we are loveless
we are hopeless
we're constantly falling
we are loveless
we are hopeless
i dont recognize what the mirror's reflecting
we are loveless
we are hopeless
she infects me like a sickness, help me forget, help me forget you
this is the promises(policies) that our sinking bodies keep selling me 
she infects me like a sickness, eating from the inside 
Track Name: KILOS
lift this curse get it out of my head
cos all this thinking is leaving me impaired
i need a cure and a bottle im so numb i cant see past tomorrow
its like im living with a disease that i pass on to everyone i meet
"youre too young to feel this blue"
i beg to differ when i learned from you
they blame our icons they blame our friends
they say were a fucking disgrace
"its not depression, its just a phase"
says the person that cant find his fucking place
"what do you get from being so destructive?
you need to learn to be more conformist"
if thats your answer, the drown me faster or get your bullshit outa my face
i cursed my birth just to hurt my mother
cos her ignorance hurts me the same
if im so low, if im a downer im just following my fathers way
12 steps couldnt help me i couldnt see the point in living for today
another cycle another bible
weight by weight this scale tips to waste
they call us kilos cos were just dead weight
Track Name: CIRCLES
had it coming long since the beginning
could've blamed me just for being deceiving
of all those times that i was so misleading
i need to save myself
with every choice i become more self destructive
the root's so deep that i lost track of my motive
when feeling pain is my one and last consolment
 when im so gone that im missing every moment
with every second all my trust is fleeting
when all my friends found a way to leave me
i long at night to leave this city
i need to save myself
i failed to see your love translucent
the nerve to dispute something so elusive
with every minute this fight stud more conclusive
can't come to terms with myself or the fact that
i am loosing
dont rid my head of all my aliments
i need a reason to depend of all my treatments
when all our problems are mear imagination
we have it better than all other nations
we loose our grips to pure suggestive thinking
we set out sails, though we still think we're sinking
i'll blame my parents or maybe just my demons
i'll think of something to make them all believe
that i've become a man, and only i can understand
love is what i lack and only pain is all i have
i failed to see your love translucent
the nerve to dispute something so elusive
with every minute this fight stud more conclusive
can't come to terms with myself or the fact that
i am lost