M i l k b l e d [ep]

by Ruptures

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Tracks - Mother, Verde, ArmGrafting: Recorded at The Earth Capital (Los Angeles) in the Spring of 2010.


released May 1, 2010

All music & lyrics by Ruptures.



all rights reserved


Ruptures Los Angeles, California

sounds of bitter

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Track Name: Mother
There's a screen between us
To hide our face
There's a fill between us
There's a pill between us
To hide our space
To hide disease
There's a place to feed us
Now love you stay, but in my hell
I'll take you there by myself
There's a place, you know it
Where I'm dead now
I'm sitting here waiting for a sign
Of the promise they forced me to believe
I'm sitting here waiting for a sign
But as they force, we don't need love
Nothing that's born is as useless as you
Myself and my friends, we've all come to debt
We've all had to tell, we've all had to see
And no one will take her alive from you
Track Name: Verde
Stuck dying in this fucking road of grain
In this steel casket lane, driving to clock in late
Can't you see, I want more than you gave me
It's not greed, it's a break from the streak
(they create)
Nothing in life is fair
Unless you fit in someone's pocket
Pity is fucking useless
Unless you take this gun shot for me
(I'll drain)
Debt means 'I'll buy, but name a price on yourself'
And you break your support (catching myself)
I know here comes the rather high price you owe
Know this is my failure
Don't take my life from me
It means to feel your broken life (like me)
I believe in this rope we share
At my grave
Track Name: ArmGrafting
Hiding from the fire
(We're breaking out now)
Preaching like a saint
(Fuck your voice)
Fuck your moral values
(Shit doesn't matter)
Shit just stays the same
Save your breath,
Abused to death,
Torn to shreds
I'm so tired of my life
I'm so tired of saying these words
But most of all I am tired now
of trying to break this bloodline cycle
My thoughts are worthless
I live in different colors
(Pour me some poison so I can get through it faster)
I was born with no fucking luck at all
(Maybe I wasn't born at all)