A d o r m i d e r a [lp]

by Ruptures

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Written and recorded at The Earth Capital (Los Angeles) in the Fall of 2010.


released January 1, 2011

Recording Engineer(s):
Alex Estrada (The Earth Capital)

All music & lyrics by Ruptures.



all rights reserved


Ruptures Los Angeles, California

sounds of bitter

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Track Name: Adormidera
All my dream seep wounds from the reality
that consumes living in here; grid spheres
This machine takes the hours of my life every night
and the only way to find more sleep's morphine
Trying has left me so vain
Give me a reason to pray
All I could feel is disdain
We'll fuck that shit up
Punch in the clock
[Automatism callus]
Time carries on
[Alone and fucking sleepless]
A punch at the clock
Still time carries on
I've been made to reduce
Maintenance and cost; born just to lose
[Just to lose]
I'm grinding my teeth through the night
[Bleeding] / [I beg]
From finding this promise's a lie
[I pleaded] / [Detonate]
Nothing you do can repair my regret
This remorse can't fulfill a weary heart that forgets
Try and survive without guilt or a sin
Making deals isn't real only hate that infects
[I hate no faith]
Disguise the face that disguises the gun
Track Name: Soma
Track Name: Memoria
Now I'm gone; soon just a memory
[Just a memory]
Cursed from the void
Bound to fall on ground
And destroy your heaven
My existence lacks purpose
And I can't get to the surface
I'm a cog in the network; a tool without name
I'm a person of substance prescribed some indulgence
Dying in a cubical casket commute this traffic is everlasting
Forget every face and the moment
where we met our fucking faith
Track Name: Coma
Track Name: Dios Mio
I've given everything to live in misery
For you
I cut the artery, I'm bleeding out chlorine
Light fades
Trust me you'll need more than I bleed
I wanted everything, what's gotten into me?
I create the space that cuts me from the lace
I conduct myself to be free from this living hell
This is my love letter to hate
All I am lacking is my absence of faith
Here we are empty
Nothing to offer, nothing to serve
I changed
I've given everything to live in misery
Fuck this
I cut the artery, I'm bleeding out chlorine
Light fades
Trapped by the need to live
My god's at the bottom of the bottle
My god hides behind the shadow
My god comes in a powder
My god sits behind the counter
My god loads at the bottle
My god hides in my shadow
My god comes in a powder
My god sits behind the counter
I bleed chlorine
Track Name: Machina
I stand here with this grudge 'cause I'm judged
by the color of my skin, not the content of the drug
I stand here with this grudge 'cause I'm judged
by the color of my skin, not the sound of the gun.
Track Name: Degrado
This is the story of a friend who had one obsession: Love.
But with little luck and no better judgement,
he fell into a ditch of poison.
When he came back out,
he said that if he be given nothing more,
it would satisfy, and he'd do nothing
but smile at all the fucked up things in life.
But while this city pumped him through its veins,
her image still lingered like light spots in his eyes
and he crossed his fingers with wishful thinking in his mind.
And he failed to deliver.
And he failed to comply.
And so the the voice, the ghost came nearer
'cause he only wanted something real on the outside.
And in the end,
we all wondered how he ever got so high
Track Name: Nhadha
Dreams bleed heavy under fire
Fall back on lust
Trying to wall lets past confine this
Forced back; I choke
Never easy to conspire
Forced back; I'm lost
Only burst though the glasses
Forced back to serve
Break love; fall back
I watched it all for nothing
You came beneath, now I'm choking
I can't believe this was worth it
Now I am gone or
so afraid of having nothing
Influenced to love conforming
So afraid of having nothing.
Conscious hate to start unfolding
I never once wanted to lose it
This is my last breath